What are OMS pieces made of? 

Our pieces are crafted using a variety of high quality materials including vermeil, gold, sterling silver, freshwater pearls, zircon, glass crystals, and more. Exact materials are listed on each product page.

What is the best way to care for my jewelry? 

The best way is to increase longevity of the jewelry is to give them occasional breaks and store neatly when not in use. Avoid contact with moisture and liquid cosmetics; this includes lotion, sunscreen, and perfume. Pieces that are not solid gold should not be worn in the shower, the pool or the ocean. 

It is a misconception to avoid water. Instead the best way is to wipe the jewelry with moisture tissue and dry it after each use. This way the acidity from our body can be cleaned off.  

What is gold plated? 

Gold plated or gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of real gold through electrochemical/chemical plating on another metal. Gold plated jewelry is a more affordable alternative to pure gold, while still having a luxe look. 

What is gold vermeil? 

A type of gold plating where the base metal is .925 sterling sliver. It also has a thicker layer of gold. All of our pieces except for the Helistãri pins are vermeil which is one step up from gold plated over brass.

What is K or Karat? 

K or Karat is the quality of gold jewelry. These karats determine the colour of the gold rather than the amount of real gold. For OMS jewelry, it is usually 14k. 

Wait, I’m still not sure…

If you still need more answers, we get it. Just email us at hello.oceanmeetsky@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram @omscollective and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.